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Is coronavirus affecting your business negatively? The answer to this question seems easy, right? The reason is that most businesses are affected negatively but not all business. In this blog, I have addressed some of the recently introduced support relief that has been released by the government to support struggling

employment allowance

 Employment allowance has now been increased from £3,000 to £4,000. This is  Good news to some but not all business. These are some of the changes made by the newly appointed chancellor in the budget read a few days ago. This is good news for businesses that are eligible for

IR35 legislation,changes in the private sector from April 2020

NOW THAT YOU ARE CAUGHT UNDER IR35 LEGISLATION, WHAT NEXT? It is not news again that the IR35 legislation is changing from April 2020. If you would like to read about these changes you can click or watch a video kindly click In this blog post, I have explained 7


Some business owner’s practice the act of phoenix whilst trying to dispose of their business. An anti-avoidance rule was set up to put an end to this act when the business owners decided to sell their liquidate or sell their business. When this occurs, the taxpayer could be chargeable under

Payment on account is a system that is used by the revenue to ensure that taxpayers under Self-assessment pay towards tax and national insurance for the next tax year. The amount of payment on account applied for the taxpayers is based on previous tax years due to the HMRC Illustration

Tax on child benefit

Why should I pay tax on the child benefit? This is a common question that is asked by taxpayers. You only pay tax if one of these conditions are met: The taxpayer must be entitled to Child benefit. Or if the taxable income received by either partner is over £50,000.

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