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classifying expenditure,capital and revenue expenditure

Classifying your expenditure appropriately could help save your business money by claiming the appropriate tax relief. This could also help to save you from being investigated by the revenue in the future and paying penalties. These mistakes are easily done, so this blog post will help to highlight seven things

The nature of the expenditure that is spent in business is very important. The reason for this is that it determines the accounting and tax treatment. Most times we do not have a choice because we do need to acquire them to help our business growth. In this blog post,

Self employment income support scheme

The self-employed income support scheme was one of the last grants that were announced by the HMRC. The Chancellor confirmed that it was difficult to assess how the amount of grant that could be given to self-employed individuals in the UK due to the flexibility of their income. Who qualifies

Claiming universal credit

How to claim universal credit. Claiming universal credit might be the only option for a lot of taxpayers due to Convid-19. The Chancellor in his speech has stated that most of the support for self-employed individuals would most likely come through to taxpayers by June 2020. So, what happens if

Is coronavirus affecting your business negatively? The answer to this question seems easy, right? The reason is that most businesses are affected negatively but not all business. In this blog, I have addressed some of the recently introduced support relief that has been released by the government to support struggling

employment allowance

 Employment allowance has now been increased from £3,000 to £4,000. This is  Good news to some but not all business. These are some of the changes made by the newly appointed chancellor in the budget read a few days ago. This is good news for businesses that are eligible for

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