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Company Formation & Dissolution

During our free consultation with you, we will check on your need for a company to be formed whilst providing information on several ways to run your business.

How Can We Help !

We will explain to you using simple vocabulary, what it means to be a shareholder/director/having a company. And we will also provide you with enough information on statutory submission and dates personalised to your company.

In addition, we will support you in opening an account, required for your company. We will advise on services we can provide to enable you run your company in a tax efficient manner whilst also directing you with all registration needed such as self-assessment, PAYE and VAT.

Ultimately we provide all this advice to help you to know what it entails to run a business, in order to prevent us working without your consent.

We will register your company within 3 days depending on Companies House. We will also ensure that you are provided with both PDF company document and a hard copy of your document.

There are very competitive prices to set up a company, if you would like us to set up your company for you, please call 01604 965826 to make an enquiry.

If you change your mind on having limited company or your circumstance has changed. We aim to support you in submitting the final accounts and closing the company, to ensure you can run the company the way you want.

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