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Friends of Ronzls Foundation

Our Mission

The Friends of Ronzls Foundation mission is to ensure that the welfare and education of every child in Nigeria is supported by providing free school supplies ,lunch when at school and school fees paid nationally to students most in need.

For a lot of children that come from families struggling with extreme poverty it makes a lot of difference when they have their school fees paid, lunch provided to them when in school and school supplies provided to them.

This foundation was formed on 1st of January 2019 and has already began to support children in Nigeria.

This foundation is main charity of Ronzls Accountants and it’s mainly sponsored by Ronzls Accountants and Friends of Ronzls Accountant.

For more information on how you can support our foundation, kindly CONTACT US



This year on the world book day, we started a new project to provide a library to the primary school we are supporting in Nigeria

We called on to our friend to donate books to help us to build this library, the response was great, and we have so far gathered 300 books and friends keep donating more books.

The room provided by the school is currently being worked on to convert into Library

The Headmistress of this school is very grateful for the project because she said the children can’t read properly and this has been a main concern and what could improve this if not a library and opportunity to read more.

We hope to finish this project by June 30th 2019 so that the children in this school can start reading before the school holidays and the other projects can be start.

We are ever grateful for everyone that has supported us in this project

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