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Easy steps to set up your Personal tax account.


Personal tax account in the UK In this video recording, we have explained the importance of setting one up. It helps to ensure that you have access to the information that the revenue holds about you in real-time. When you have this access, you are able to pick up on any error made by the […]

The massive changes to way business report their taxes in UK.

HMRC Making tax digital

HMRC making tax digital in the UK The invention was created by the revenue to help us to pass information to them in real-time. This will also help to preserve information passed to the revenue. In this video, I have explained how the revenue intends to implement these changes. If you would like to read […]

Types of digital records business in UK has to keep from April 2019

Digital Record

Digital records in the UK The way we keep information in the Uk is changing since April 2019. HMRC excepts businesses that have turnover over the VAT threshold are expected to submit each transaction to the revenue. Have you recently registered for VAT because you went over the threshold with your turnover? This video will […]

Saving money and time by having a Personal Tax account in UK

saving money

  Saving money with the use of a personal tax account in the UK In this video, we have explained how setting up a personal tax account could save you money in the UK. We hope you will learn one or two things from watching the video, but if you would like to read more, […]

Advantages Incorporating Business

Incorporation of a limited company A business incorporates a limited company when its business grows. After the corporation, there are certain compliances that should be taken, In this video, I would like to explain some of the compliance issues required. If you would like us to support your business, kindly contact

Closing a company other issues

Closing company In this video, we have explained other compliance issues that are required when closing a limited company in the UK. We hope this video would serve as awareness when closing a limited company. If you have any tax, business or accounting compliance issues,kindly contact us  If you would like to close your company […]

Making tax digital

making tax digital making tax digital is the new invention by the HMRC excepts businesses to report to them. A business that has a turnover over the threshold is required to report through the MTD. Business owners would need to submit their vat returns with the use of software that is MTD compliant. The information […]

Should you be paying tax on your activity or Hobby?

Hobby and Trading

Tax paid on a hobby in the UK. When an individual has a hobby in the UK and makes a profit from it, it’s taxable by the revenue. This video explains how it could turn into a trade and you would have to register with the HMRC. The taxpayer would have to register their trade […]

Trade or Gain

trade or gain

Trade or gain in the Uk. It’s very easy to mix the two transactions in the UK. It’s important to know if you are trading or having capital gain tax. The difference is that for an individual, the tax rate is differently applied as they are under two different taxes in the UK. When you […]

Incorporating my business in the UK

Incorporating my business in the UK This is one of the methods of setting up a business in the UK. This video would help you to understand basic things to be done when you open a new business in the UK. If you would like to read more, kindly visit If you would like us […]