Registration – Charity Account & Submission


We will certainly support you in your registration of your charity, in addition to acting on your behalf with charity commission. Similarly, we will guide you with the application and also correspondence with the application of charity commission until they have all the details required to register you as a charity. Furthermore, we will give provide you with the support needed in order to choose the appropriate charity organisation you need (Trust / CIC / Companies Limited).

How Can We Help !

As a separate process, we assist charities who wish to register as a charity with HMRC so they can claim gift aid relief on donations from individuals.

After registration, we support you in opening a charity bank account if you already do not have one. And we will provide the needed services required in preparing your charity account and submission to charity commission.

Furthermore, if required we can provide services in record keeping of donations given to your charity, so we can submit the record to HMRC at the year-end in order to acquire gift aid on donations received.

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