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How to claim universal credit.

Claiming universal credit might be the only option for a lot of taxpayers due to Convid-19.

The Chancellor in his speech has stated that most of the support for self-employed individuals would most likely come through to taxpayers by June 2020.

So, what happens if you really need the support now, the answer is claiming universal credit.



You must be eligible to be able to claim this relief, some of the conditions are

  • The individual must be on low income or out of work.
  • The taxpayer must be aged between 18 and65( State pension age). Although there are few exemptional cases 16 or 17 years taxpayers that could also apply.
  • The taxpayer or partner must have less than £16,000 in savings.
  • Finally, you must reside in the UK.

Claiming universal credit

Creating a Universal credit account and making claim:

This account will be created online, you would need some information handy before applying.

Information such as drivers’ licence, passport etc to identify who the taxpayer is.

Also email address, phone number bank details, payslips/p60 etc.

To create a universal account kindly click.

Follow the step by step questions and create an account.

You would have to make a claim in 28 days.

If you are married or live with a partner, they must also apply and link the application together because you would be jointly assessed.

You would also need to call the Universal Credit helpline to book an interview with a work coach.

They can be the main issue now as the department of pension has confirmed that they are receiving exceptional high-volume calls and application due to the pandemic.


The Support and Changes to the way universal credits are claimed due to Convid-19.

The usual next step in the application process is to attend the jobcentre so that the individual case would be accessed.
However, the Department of Pension has announced that those affected by coronavirus will be able to apply for Universal Credit and can receive up to a month’s advance upfront without physically attending a jobcentre

They have however also stated that when the Convid 19 is over, they would then need to attend an interview in the Jobcentre.


If a taxpayer does not qualify for the universal credit, they can apply for other support out there such as the employment support allowance.