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Claiming expenses to reduce tax and national insurance in the UK!

Claiming expenses

ARE YOU PAYING TOO MUCH TAX IN YOUR  BUSINESS? Claiming expenses in the business is a very crucial part of reducing the tax due to the HMRC. Usually, when the business owners do not claim expenses from the business, they may lose the tax relief dues when not claimed within the time frame. However, care […]

7 business expenses that could get you in trouble with the revenue

Business expenses

It’s no hidden truth that business expenses are essential for running a business. This could be any payment made by purchasing business items, paying for your website, or paying for employees’ wages. Can you claim tax relief on all your business expenses? All business expenses can be deducted as an accounting expense in accounts however it’s […]

Setting up a limited company in the UK, steps to be taken.

Setting up a limited company in the UK

Setting up a limited company in the UK,& things that you need to know. Starting something new can be a very daunting process for anyone. The reason why most people are nervous about having a limited company is because of all the compliance issues involved. Also, most people have heard about daunting stories of penalties […]

Expenditure in business, capital or revenue?

The nature of the expenditure that is spent in business is very important. The reason for this is that it determines the accounting and tax treatment. Most times we do not have a choice because we do need to acquire them to help our business grow. In this blog post, I would like to explain […]

3 Types of expenses that can be claimed by business owners !


Expenses are a crucial part of reducing the income tax and national insurance paid in the UK. Every business is different, so the expenditure claimed could be different. There are three rules that could help to ensure that you are claiming the right expenses. Why is claiming the right expenses important? The consequence of not […]