Self-assessment in the UK,When are you required to register ?

Self-assessment in the UK

Self-assessment in the UK is a very important regime where HMRC allows taxpayers to self administer their tax due to them. However, Knowing when to register and be under the self-assessment regime in the UK is an important question that is asked by UK residents. This might be due to a change in circumstance or […]


Starting a new business,taking on a new challenge!

Starting a new business, taking on a new challenge! As we start the New Year, we might feel that we need to start a new business. As a result, this decision might be you quitting your old job and starting a new business. What to do as you leave the old and start a new […]

Most Common Fatal Mistake we make when closing a Limited Company

closing limited company

Most Common Fatal Mistake we make when closing a Limited Company The most common fatal mistake that is done by directors when closing their limited company by sending a strike off form to Companies House. When a director or the directors decide to bring the business to an end, there are several compliance issues to […]


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Trade, activity or hobby? Most of us have one hobby or activities we enjoy doing in our spare time that is now a trade. This might be because we don’t monitor this activity and then it turns this turns into a small business. In the UK, we are expected to inform HMRC revenue if we are […]