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A Guide to Setting Up as a Sole Trader in the UK

Are you considering starting your own business in the UK? One of the simplest and most popular business structures is setting up as a sole trader. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of becoming a sole trader in the UK, including registration, tax obligations, and more. Understanding Sole Trader Business Structure: When […]

Incorporating your business? Here are 8 things you MUST know.

Incorporating a business -_The process of registering your business with the company’s house. One of the first decisions to make is to know what name you will call your newly incorporated company. You can decide to adopt your sole trading name however to be able to use the same name it must be available for […]

Self-assessment in the UK,When are you required to register ?

Self-assessment in the UK

Self-assessment in the UK is a very important regime where HMRC allows taxpayers to self administer their tax due to them. However, Knowing when to register and be under the self-assessment regime in the UK is an important question that is asked by UK residents. This might be due to a change in circumstance or […]

Trade, activity or hobby?

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Many of us have hobbies or activities that we enjoy doing in our spare time and which have evolved into a trade. In the UK, you are expected to inform HMRC if you are engaged in a trade and you should expect the profit from the trade to be taxed. Interestingly, many do not monitor […]


Starting a new business,taking on a new challenge!

Starting a new business, taking on a new challenge! As we start the New Year, we might feel that we need to start a new business. As a result, this decision might be you quitting your old job and starting a new business. What to do as you leave the old and start a new […]

Most Common Fatal Mistake we make when closing a Limited Company

closing limited company

Limited companies make a common mistake that is done by directors when closing their limited company by sending a strike-off form to Companies House. When a director or the directors decide to bring the business to an end, there are several compliance issues to be carried out so as to prevent tax compliance issues in […]