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Navigating Your First Job in the UK: Understanding Taxes for Employees

Moving to the UK marks an exciting chapter in your life, but along with settling into a new culture and workplace, understanding the tax system is crucial. Whether you’ve secured a job offer or are in the midst of job hunting, grasping the basics of taxes as an employee can streamline your transition. Here’s what […]

A Guide to Setting Up as a Sole Trader in the UK

Are you considering starting your own business in the UK? One of the simplest and most popular business structures is setting up as a sole trader. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of becoming a sole trader in the UK, including registration, tax obligations, and more. Understanding Sole Trader Business Structure: When […]

Understanding the Tax Effect of Side Hustling in the UK

In today’s world, the concept of side hustling has become increasingly prevalent. Whether it’s baking cakes on weekends, providing professional training, driving for rideshare services like Uber, or delivering packages for Amazon, many individuals are turning to side hustles to supplement their income. However, what some may not realize is that the income generated from […]

Setting up a limited company in the UK, steps to be taken.

Setting up a limited company in the UK

Setting up a limited company in the UK,& things that you need to know. Starting something new can be a very daunting process for anyone. The reason why most people are nervous about having a limited company is because of all the compliance issues involved. Also, most people have heard about daunting stories of penalties […]

Expenditure in business, capital or revenue?

The nature of the expenditure that is spent in business is very important. The reason for this is that it determines the accounting and tax treatment. Most times we do not have a choice because we do need to acquire them to help our business grow. In this blog post, I would like to explain […]


IR35 in private sector

The IR35 legislation that has been used by HMRC since 1999 as an anti-avoidance tool for contractors that run their business through a limited company. In April 2017, The HMRC introduced some new changes to the way IR35 was applied in the public sector. How IR35 legislation in the private sectors would affect businesses. To […]

3 Types of expenses that can be claimed by business owners !


Expenses are a crucial part of reducing the income tax and national insurance paid in the UK. Every business is different, so the expenditure claimed could be different. There are three rules that could help to ensure that you are claiming the right expenses. Why is claiming the right expenses important? The consequence of not […]


Claiming capital allowance

Capital Allowance rates vary depending on the plant and expenditure. To explain the rate I will be using the various percentages associated with each allowance. Zero percentage on capital expenditure. 0% simply means the business owner can’t claim capital allowance on that plant and machinery. Examples of such are building, floors or any other asset […]


Capital Expenditure

Capital expenditure in business is very important to make them more productive. Capital allowance is a relief that is given to business owners who purchase assets to be used in the business. Businesses in the UK spend a lot of money on capital investments from time to time to run efficiently and maximize their profit. […]

Entertainment in business

Saving tax on Employee Gift

  Entertainment in business  Most businesses do give gifts to their employees and provide entertainment to their clients. I have explained in the blog, The tax consequence of doing this.   Here is the issue with business entertainment: Entertainment in business is an allowable accounting expense when it relates to the business, however, could be disallowable […]