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saving on car benefit

How to reduce tax on company cars

An employer at times has to add car allowance to employment package for new employees.Puting car benefit into consideration when providing your employee with a company car is important.The employer could reduce the tax paid by providing the right car. Impact of Car benefit to employees and employers When an employee presents a vehicle to […]
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Driving force behind generous donations

AN accountant has been the driving force behind a collection to support Northampton’s food bank. This is the fourth year that Ola Sulaimon at Ronzl Accountants Ltd in Northampton’s Billing Road has been organising a collection and each year it gets bigger and better. In just a few weeks, more than £500 was raised which […]
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trival benefit


Savings on trivial benefits The trivial benefit was first introduced in April 2016. It was introduced to encourage employers to give employees benefits without incurring income tax and national insurance on the cost of this benefit. Cost of the benefit to the employers or another organization providing the benefit on behalf of the company must […]
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Before the holiday is over

There are five secret questions you need to ask yourself before the holiday is over. Ola Sulaimon of Ronzl Accountants shares some timely advice. THE holiday I am referring to in this title is tax holiday or relief for businesses that are run through companies and their shareholders wanting to dissolve it to a sole […]
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changes to IR35 legislation to contractors

IR35 legislation and the changes ahead

Background to IR35 Legislation. UK government first introduced the IR35 legislation in April 2000.This law is an anti-tax avoidance to ensure that employees pay the right amount of tax. It requires workers that work with a specific arrangement be treated as employees rather than self-employed. The arrangement affected by IR35 Legislation.      When an […]
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Northampton Tax specialist advice on business car saving


Tax planning advice for when buying your new businesses cars. Tax planning advice for new business cars is important.This because vat on company cars represents one-fifth of the cost of the car, When a business buy company cars that are used mainly for business, at times they are usually not the cheapest new cars, this might […]
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